The decision to consult a psychotherapist is a deeply personal process. If you find yourself overwhelmed by a crisis situation and have exhausted all perceivable options to solve the problem alone, perhaps it is time to consider turning to a professional. Should you already be considering this option, you may be hesitant to reach out to a professional because of the common misconception that all therapy requires a long-term commitment. Depending upon your individual needs, short-term therapy may actually be more beneficial for you.

Having arrived at the decision to explore therapeutic counseling, the choice of a licensed clinical professional can, at first, appear daunting. Your main concern will be to select a professional with whom you can establish a relationship of trust. As the bond between patient and therapist is profound, indeed life changing, trust is crucial. An understanding of my expertise and approach, therefore, may facilitate your selection.

Although I have been trained to work intensively with patients and clients, you will wish to know that my approach is flexible and guided by individuals’ needs and desires. Blending warmth and compassion with expertise, I create a safe, therapeutic environment in which I encourage patients and clients to become active participants in the healing process. Through therapy, we explore and clarify the root causes of problems. Using a direct yet gentle approach driven by individual patient/client needs, I help people gain inner strength and identify as well as put into action workable solutions to what had once appeared like insurmountable difficulties.

To further facilitate your trust in me, you will want to know that I am widely recognized as a leader in the therapeutic community, with a practice spanning more than thirty years of experience and achievements that include election as a Distinguished Practitioner into the Social Work Academy of the National Academies of Practice. You will find more detailed information concerning my qualifications in the My Credentials Page of this website.

Credentials, however, are not necessarily an indication of competence or skill. To achieve the most positive results, I combine professionalism with a caring approach. Thus, I maintain a genuine commitment to empower my patients and clients through the provision of the highest caliber of individualized treatment.