About My Practice

      Licensed since 1974, I established my private practice in 1980. I now have three offices located in Teaneck, New Jersey, New York City, and the Riverdale section of the Bronx.

     My many years of pre-doctoral and postdoctoral training have led to my integration of diverse psychotherapeutic modalities in working with patients suffering from a broad range of psychological problems. As a result, my practice includes individual, couple, and group psychotherapy with patients/clients who range in age from pre-adolescents to adults. While I am skilled in treating the general clinical population, I also specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of patients struggling with more difficult issues, such as substance abuse, eating disorders, and severe personality disorders. Nationally recognized for my clinical expertise, I have led workshops and spoken at professional conferences, have had my work published in scholarly journals, and have taught and supervised students and candidates, as well as experienced professionals, at universities and postgraduate training institutes. Among the latter group, many professionals have consulted with me privately, seeking assistance with their more difficult cases.

     Patients frequently describe me as warm, caring, and responsive, qualities which I consider necessary for creating a safe, therapeutic environment in which patients can feel comfortable in sharing their thoughts and feelings, even those that they consider to be most painful and embarrassing. Through the practice of short-term as well as in-depth psychotherapy and psychoanalysis, my experience has been that when patients are able to share their thoughts and feelings, and are helped to understand and feel comfortable with them, they feel better about themselves and others.

     Please contact me to arrange for an initial consultation, secure in the knowledge that due to my professional ethics and personal integrity, I will maintain the utmost of confidentiality in helping you achieve your desired goals. Insurance assistance is provided.